I don’t like to brag, but my songs are definitely going to solve everything.


Oh hello. Rosie Swayne is a British theatre composer, sound designer, songwriter and performer.

She is one half of folky/comical/theatrical/eco-political duo FOSSILHEADS, the website of which is coming VERY SOON for those of you who have just arrived here via www.fossilheads.co.uk. In the mean time you can check our Twitter and FB (/fossilheads) for upcoming shows etc.

Rosie Swayne enjoys writing political/comic/theatrical material, inventively layered music for ensemble vocalists and writing about herself in the third person so as to give the impression she is far too busy and important to write in her own website.

The above playlist is a varied selection of music and lyrics written (and performed) by her and her band Invocal and selected theatre projects in Finland and Sweden. Some are studio produced and others taken from live performances so sound quality varies.

Here are some things people have said.

“Amazing. There’s nothing else like this going in Helsinki at the moment – beyond protest song – it’s something else!” JAMIE MACDONALD, STAND UP COMEDIAN, HELSINKI

“Rosie Swayne is one of the most distinctive songwriting voices I’ve heard for a long time” NETRHYTHMS REVIEW

“Wonderful, inventive and unique” SUE MARCHANT, BBC EASTERN COUNTIES

“Great fun, and clever too” JUDY SPIERS, BBC RADIO DEVON

“I’ve been playing this music all week – it’s addictive – funny, but so dark” MONICA WINFIELD, BBC RADIO LEICESTER

“Caustic, funny and so damn harmonic” ALBUM REVIEW, CURVE MAGAZINE


“Truly great songwriting” OUROBOROUS REVIEW

” It’s impossible to categorise this music and I’m inclined not to…rich and compelling” RAINBOW NETWORK REVIEW

“A little bit folky, a little bit theatre, a little bit curious and a lot interesting” JANE EAMONN, THE MUSES MUSE

“brilliantly intelligent, funny and talented” GENOVIEVE TUDOR, BBC RADIO SHROPSHIRE

The other performers on the “from Invocal” tracks are Rachel Sanson, Helen Turton, Bee Church, Sarah Moloney and Debbie Frayling, all from Northampton UK.

Other performers on the “Laitos ” recordings are Henriikka Hietaniemi, Maia Häkli, Kaija Kauppinen, Jutta Lahtinen, Ronja Levola, Tiina Paananen, Inka Söderström, Jarmo Vuorensola, Juha Pursiainen, Terjo Vihersalo.

Dramaturgy of “Saatto…” devised and performed by Outi Condit, Tuomo Rämö and Ahti Pursiainen.

Live concert photography by Antti Ahonen 2017