Laitos the Musical

Laitos – the Institution Musical is a newly devised theatre piece, hailed as Finland’s first ever Immersive Musical! The show is devised and directed by Outi Condit, and music is by Rosie Swayne.

The performance is based on the idea that a group of girls, upon seeing the modern world and the majority of its’ inhabitants as irreparably damaged and disconnected, gave one last sad look at life outside, turned their back to it and closed themselves into The Institution.

Audience members are then ‘interviewed’ as to their suitability to join this ‘internal exodus’, and if successful invited to participate in their peculiar rediscovery of what it is to be human.

The original LAITOS production team:

Director: Outi Condit
Composer and Musical Director: Rosie Swayne
Performers: Henriikka Hietaniemi, Maia Häkli, Kaija Kauppinen, Jutta Lahtinen, Ronja Levola, Tiina Paananen, Inka Söderström
& Pia Rostedt, Rose Kulju, Tarja Sahlstedt, Veera Ala-Verronen, Terjo Vihersalo
tanssijat/dancers Heini Haapaniemi, Hanna Ojala, Ilkka Posio, Aino Suvanto, Saima Vapalahti
Band: Rosie Swayne, Jarmo Vuorensola, Juha Pursiainen
Set design: Tiina Kaila, Ville-Matias Roisko, Jani Haapala, Anna Tolppi & company
Puppeteer training Linda Vapalahti
Visualist: Anna Tolppi
Lighting designer Juho Golnick
Photographer Ville-Matias Roisko
Graphics Juha Teuri, Ville-Matias Roisko
Producer Eeva Roisko
Original production produced by Turun Ylioppilasteatteri
Filming by Outi Condit and Ville-Matias Roisko