Saatto – Kulkue Kuolevaisille

Some rough demos of the music and sound design for Saatto – Kulkue Kuolevaisille.

I am composer and sound designer for this newly devised promenade theatre piece about death. One
half of the performance is set outside in the streets of Helsinki with audience members
walking along wearing heaphones and listening to the ‘audio play’ (with sound design
and music produced by me), the second half a live musical cabaret performance of newly
written songs and new arrangements of existing songs relating to the theme.

New problem solving skills were developed in this project when tackling practical issues such as i) how to mix the recording so that the text is audible when being listened to through headphones in the busy, traffic-heavy streets of Helsinki, ii) how to prevent the mp3 player batteries from draining instantly in the minus 25 temperatures of the streets of Helsinki in winter, and iii) how to convince potential audience members it’s definitely a good idea to come and watch a theatre performance based on death located in the minus 25 streets of Helsinki in winter.

Text and concept devised, arranged and performed by Outi Condit, Tuomo Rämö and Ahti Pursiainen. I did the music. But I already mentioned that, didn’t I.