Solo, duo & band gigs

(If you are looking for my band with all the LAYDEEZ in it, you are probably be looking for this link: Invocal)

These are some demos that will be replaced with some MAGNIFICENT NEW RECORDINGS soon. Apart from Cider Mill, which is already magnificent.

There are exciting plans afoot for dates in both UK and Finland for Rosie Swayne performances in the form of a) me playing solo and crying because I have no friends b) as one half (actually more like 3/4 if we’re talking actual body mass) of the stunning Rosie Swayne and Rachel Sanson duo and c) with her splendid Finnish band of Jarmo Vuorensola on double bass and Juha Pursiainen on drums. I’m working on getting them to agree to being called Rosie Swayne & the Bass Finns but they are weirdly reluctant. Get in touch through the contact page if you want to book me/us! and check out the Forthcoming Projects & Gigs page for concert dates. I’m sure it’s completely full by now.

Here is a picture of Rosie Swayne and Rachel Sanson having a standard mix of emotions
Photograph by Natalie Mott