Born at an early age, Rosie spent several of her formative years as a crazily small mini-person with a slightly out of proportion head.

Growing up on the buzzing metropolis of Dartmoor, west Devon UK gave her exposure to an intoxicating urban scene which really shines through in her seminal work ‘Ponies over Hoes’.

Well actually, it just gave her exposure BUT the setting was of course an enormous creative inspiration. Why, it was there that she probably wrote that song by Emily Brontë.

She went to school at Tavistock College where she found music and performing arts teachers to be very encouraging with regard to her musical composition, especially in the context of drama and dance productions – which is where her love of writing theatrical music first developed. Except that doesn’t make her sound very cool so you should probably make something up about being expelled and/or on smack.

She went on to study performing arts at Northampton Univirtually where she got a good honours degree and a wealth of experiences relating to an eclectic range of artistic genres and movements including storytelling, Immersive theatre, community theatre, Tanztheater, kathakali, Dada and mask work … you’ll notice a conspicuous absence of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but that was made up for by spending the entire 3 years dressed as Jenny Anydots.

It was here that she met Rachel Duncan (now Sanson), Sarah Moloney and Lucy Townsend who were to become part of her now legendary band Invocal. She didn’t meet cellist Helen Turton yet though, who was at an actual university.

The following 10 years saw Invocal touring enormous swathes of the UK and select parts of Europe, playing at small music venues, theatres, folk clubs and festivals, and generally making a nuisance of themselves whilst simultaneously being jaw-droppingly brilliant. Rosie’s skill in writing complex and unusual vocal harmonies and song structures was given a unique opportunity to flourish with these talented performers, as was her predilection for getting small but vital bits of travel information wrong.

As well as continuing to perform live in gig settings, the past 3 years have seen Rosie return to her first love of writing music for dance and theatre. She is magically simultaneously based both in Helsinki and the UK with her partner and key collaborator, Finnish actor and performance maker Outi Condit – with whom she has created some intriguing new theatre pieces and two small humans.

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Photograph by Helen Turton