I’m waiting on some live footage of my solo gigs at present, but you can watch some recent rough demos of me talking and playing some of my newest material, plus some videos of my material performed by me and Invocal, plus some other bits.

Fat Oily Footprints:
Some chatting plus a solo version of my song in honour of climate change deniers.

You’ve Ruined Christmas:
Festive cheer from me and Invocal

Trade, Trade, Trade, Trade:
A rough demo solo version of my song from FOSSILHEADS (and a whole load of talking) – it’s based on Naomi Klein’s observation on the unfortunate timing of the scientific consensus on man made climate change versus the deregulation of global capitalism in the late 1980’s.


Shock Value:
Live in concert, my song about coming out.


Why I’m Thankful for the D***s at The Guardian and the T***s at the Festivals:
Rough demo solo version of my ode of appreciation to everyday climate realists


Another lovely track of mine performed by Invocal, with excellent filming, direction and editing by Ed Crofts.


Laitos: The Institution:
A trailor for mine and Outi Condit’s immersive musical